TIme to Pay Your Energy Bill

 “I can’t wait until vacation to get some time to [fill in the blank].”

”I am so jealous of my friend [enter name here].  She has the time to go to yoga, meditate, go to the gym, sleep [fill in the blank].”

Any of these comments sound familiar?

I too have ben guilty of wishing and waiting for the waters of my busy day to part which, I thought, would allow me the time to do things like, I don’t know, breath!  What!?

In a previous post, we talked about the energy centers of the body, the chakras (ref: The Energy Body).

The energy system of the body functions similarly to the local electric company.  There is the source of the energy – be it coal, water, solar, nuclear – where the power is generated, captured and then sent out to sub stations who further branch the energy to transformers and then ultimately to our homes.  This high wire act (pun intended) comes at a cost which pay each month when the bill arrives.  Failing to pay the bill means one thing and one thing only – the lights are going out!

Sure, the electric company will send a few warnings in the guise of reminders but if the bills is not paid, your lights go out.

So goes you energy body.  The energy sources, the chakras, are the powerhouse.  Clear transmission of power through the cells and blood, which then ultimately feed the muscles, bones, organs, and the brain is vital to living a healthy and happy life.

Waiting until we are on vacation, or retired, or until this, that or the other situation passes only means that the electric bill is not getting paid.  Like the electric company, sends gentle reminders that the bill is overdue- insomnia or restless sleep, short temper, aching muscles, Joint / back pain, changes in appetite, hypertension – this list goes on and on.  These are all symptoms that the bill your electric bill is overdue.

While the electric company would prefer the bill to be paid in full, they will work with you in making installments until you catch up and in ding so will allow the lights to stay on.  Your energy body is the same way. 

It can feel overwhelming to uncover precisely what you need and when faced with an already exhausting schedule, adding something like an hour-long yoga practice, or sitting in lotus position while meditating for an extended period might just put you over the edge! 

Instead, start with small installments – make the minimum payment – each day.   It needn’t take more than 10 minutes.  If you don’t have 10 consecutive minutes, then integrate it throughout your day – 2 minutes at a time.

Where, of where to begin?

There are amazing mediation apps out there – download one for free and give it a listen.  Don’t like it?  Try another! 

Listen to soft / quiet music at the end of the day – while you are changing for bed.  Turn the TV off and “ask Alexa” or “Siri” to play mediation music.

In his book Peace is Every Step, Tich Hnot Hahn reminds us that our day is filled with reminders to be healthy in mind, body, spirit.  With each ring of the phone or ping of a message coming through, we are given the opportunity to pause,  become centered in the moment.  In essence, pay your energy bill all through the day.  Consider the simple act of taking 2-3 deep breaths before picking up the phone or opening that IM or email.

Over time, the impact of these simple acts will be realized.  While the electric bill may still be overdue, the hole is not deepening, and you are steadily closing the gap.  With time, there will be space to make greater payments.





Diane Tiger