Holistic Healing


In the search for a more beautiful life, you sometimes find yourself off the beaten path. And, often times, it’s following that path that ultimately leads you precisely where you want to go.

So, now you’ve found yourself here considering this path, one that’s holistic and centuries old. Considered by many in Western medicine to be a viable complement to traditional therapy, it focuses on the balancing of the mind, body, and spirit through the release and reinvigoration of blocked energy. When the body’s energy flow is compromised, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and physical pain can result.

Tiger Lily’s extensive menu of vibroacoustic therapies and other energy-healing practices and techniques are employed to break through those blockages, opening and smoothing the flow of energy through the seven life-force energy centers (also known as “chakras”) thereby initiating the body’s innate healing response.

The Tiger Lily mission is to always provide:

  • Customized therapy by respecting each client’s individuality and supporting their unique goals and needs.

  • Complementary therapy through holistic quality care that works in concert with other treatment therapies.

  • Maintenance care and education by guiding and supporting the client in maintaining their own health.

Whatever your reasons for seeking holistic care, Diane, Tiger Lily’s owner/operator, Sound Therapy expert, and certified Reiki Master, can design the perfect, integrated treatment plan for you.

Everything in life is vibration.
— Albert Einstein

What to Expect


Customized sessions will include:

  • Exploratory discussion. Each session begins with a check-in. Responses to questions will determine if or how treatment will be modified. The initial plan is never set in stone, but rather fluid, based on changing needs.

  • Ambiance. Soothing music, essential oils, and soft lighting are used to help create a relaxing, restorative atmosphere.

  • Comfort. Blankets and bolsters are placed on, under, and around the body for comfort and warmth.

  • Guided meditation.  Breathing exercises settle the mind and body so that awareness can be focused inward on healing.

  • Sound Therapy and other energy-healing practices. Penetrating deep into the body - down to the cellular core- vibration and frequency (energy) are used to loosen and release harmful blockages, opening energy flow and bringing balance to the mind, body and spirit. Treatment may come in the form of full-body, harmonic massage or concentrated vibration targeted to specific areas. Healing Crystals, Reiki, and other techniques may be applied.

  • Wellness coaching and support.  “Homework” is assigned so that the healing process can continue in between sessions or long after treatment is complete.

Whether you’re looking to augment healing, naturally manage pain or discomfort, or simply find balance of mind, body and spirit, you’ve come to the right place.  With Tiger Lily’s professional guidance and care you can live your most beautiful life.