My Story

As early as the tender age of two, I felt an intense connection to energy.  I could hold a family member’s hand and know exactly how they felt because I felt it, too.  I could sense how a guitar played against my core shifted the energy throughout my body, moving it in ways that brought release and a profound sense of comfort. Today, I use that innate sensitivity to bring people of all ages and from all walks of life physiological, spiritual and emotional balance.    

My company, Tiger Lily Healing, is a heart-centered, holistic restorative business committed to helping you achieve deep, meaningful life transformations. Born from the devastating deaths of my father, sister, partner and two close friends to cancer, all within a two-year time span, I have dedicated myself to helping others rediscover and maintain their health and well-being by using the same integrated, holistic practices and techniques that helped me and my loved ones to heal after such debilitating loss.

Not only do I guide my clients in finding balance and achieving their transformational goals, I coach them on how to maintain that renewal of mind, body and spirit throughout life.  Part healer and part educator, I employ passion, professionalism, respect, love, and a deep observance of individuality in my healing work.


“We each are here to live our best life.  To do so, we must first listen to our heart, our soul, to that voice deep within.  It is that voice that leads us to living in perfect harmony with our universal purpose.”

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